Educator and Administrator Consulting

Educator and Administrator Consulting

As educators, you are often the voice of needs you see in each of your students.  This service includes best-practice strategies to use within the school system for assisting students with identifying their own areas of strengths and needs in executive functions.  

  • Session Details:

    This service is geared towards large groups of teacher and administrators wanting to learn more about the importance of understanding executive functions in all of our students.  Best-practice techniques, using research-based data grounds us in the facts about executive functions.  


  • Payment:

    Payment is due two weeks before the conference.

    Speaking Engagement (in person):

    2-3 hours ($750)

    Full day, up to 6 hours ($2000)

    Additional fees may include travel, hotel, and car rental (payable per contract).

    Speaking Engagment (virtual): 

    2-3 hours ($750)

  • Services Include:

    • An introductory questionaire to be filled out with preferences for consulting points in the school setting.
    • An hour long dialogue through an online avenue to discuss solution focused strategies.
    • One-time follow-up with school.